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… we’re watching Cyberbully.

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… gotta love how one second I’m hating on myself like naw Raptor you’re a fuckin loser

and then the next I’m like bitch I’m fucking awesome I will light up your goddamn world by just EXISTING

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Dying is unhealthy.
- My brother
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the buugeng is a type of s-staff.
to the best of my knowledge, it is used to engage in geometric visual warfare



No but can you imagine how distracting and disconcerting it’d be to go up against someone with a weapon like that
You wouldn’t know where the fuck to look and you’d only figure out which part to focus on when it’s buried in your gut
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I hate it here… I fucking hate people…

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why is it considered rude to ask people to stop touching you. u know whats rudE???? fckin touching people w/o their consent. God

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